Projects & plans

Following the launch of From Recording to Revelation, NFBR's strategic plan for 2011-2015, NFBR is working in collaboration with others to identify how the future needs of all sectors of the biological recording community, the various users of biodiversity information and the infrastructure on which they depend may best be addressed.

NFBR Council members have held bilateral discussions with a number of key national institutions and umbrella organisations covering a range of interests in recording and related matters.  We'd like to reiterate our thanks to the staff, voluntary officers and other representatives of the following organisations for taking the time to meet with us:

Each meeting provided a chance to exchange information about organisational history, objectives and current and planned projects, as well as the possibilities for future support and collaboration. This helped us to test and refine our own ideas against the perspectives of very different organisations with a shared interest in particular aspects of recording.

NFBR met several times with the NBN Trust before and during the development of the new NBN Strategy and Strategic Action Plan.  Our responses to the consultation on the future direction of the NBN can be downloaded from the Resources page.  NFBR is committed to supporting the delivery of the NBN Strategic Action Plan and will publish further details soon on how we intend to do this.