Recorder 6 News!

New support arrangements for Recorder 6 from April 2019, including annual licence fee

To all Recorder 6 users,

I am happy to report that we now have a plan to ensure continued maintenance and development of Recorder 6.

This will need to be funded through the introduction of an annual licence fee from April 2019, which for 2019/20 will be set at £25 for individuals and £250 for organisations – in line the average ‘willingness-to-pay’ expressed in responses to the Recorder 6 consultation. We are hoping to be ready to take payments by February 2019 (so if it suits some organisations to pay out of this year’s underspend, they can). The licence fee will need to be reviewed, when we have a clearer view on the number of users paying the licence fee and better understanding of development costs.

Paying the licence fee will give users access to dictionary updates and new releases. Users can continue to use the software without paying the licence fee – it will still work. But you will need to pay the licence fee if you want to get the updates.

For more information about plans for new Recorder 6 support and management arrangements, please see my post on the NBN Forum: 

I hope this plan will meet with support from Recorder 6 users – if you have any comments or concerns please do share them via the NBN Forum.

Many thanks to the Recorder 6 working group, Recorder 6 Consortium and everyone who responded to the consultation – your contributions have all been very valuable in getting us to this point. 

Best wishes,

Clare Blencowe, Chair of the Association of Local Environmental Record Centres and Manager of Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre