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Background to the establishment of NFBR

  • Biological Curators' Group Special Report No. 4: proceedings of the Biological Recording Forum held in London in April 1985 (download PDF)
  • Biological Survey Need & Network (R. J. Berry) - 1988 (download PDF)

NFBR Annual Reports (produced since NFBR became a registered charity)

NFBR Strategic Documents

  • Towards Joining the Dots: consultation document published as a precursor to the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan (download PDF)
  • NFBR Strategic Plan 2011-2015: From Recording to Revelation (download PDF)

Biological Recording Reports

  • Biological Recording in the UK: Present practice and future development - CCBR Report 1995 (download PDF)
  • Involving people in biological recording - SNH report 2010 (download PDF)

#SkillsTalk 2013

NFBR presented an online debate on Skills and Training for Biological Recording on the 7th August 2013.  The event ran for 8 hours, with NFBR members logging in to follow the discussion and pose their own questions to a series of interviewees with a wealth of expertise and experience in this area, resulting in a lively, informative and entertaining debate.  Download the discussions here:

  • 1: Today's Experience, Tomorrow's Biodiversity Sue Townsend & Rich Burkmar - Field Studies Council (download PDF)
  • 2: Developing Natural Talent Craig MacAdam & Suzie Bairner - Buglife (download PDF)
  • 3: Closing the Gap: rebuilding ecological survey skills in the professional sector - Sally Hayns - CIEEM (download PDF)
  • 4: Saved! The UK’s only academic programme focusing on ID and recording skills - Sarah Whild - MMU (download PDF)